Kelly Durant


This woman has a short figure perhaps 5’5” but she’s trim and toned like an athlete. Creamy skin and light green eyes, contrasted by her long dark hair which is kept tied back.


Bio: Kelly comes from a long line of officers, her great-great grandfather earned a commendation for his service during the 1907 quake. Every male child of the Durant family since then has proudly served in the force. Kelly is the first female Durant to put on the blue, but her determination to prove herself has already earned her a great deal of respect from her fellow officers, including her brothers (not that they would admit it).

Kelly grew up the youngest in a family of five. Her mother was a stay at home mom, and her father was a homicide detective. While Kelly was in college Bruce Durant went missing one evening after checking in with a confidential informant who had information on the ‘Frisco Fillet Killer. The Frisco Fillet Killer killed 4 people over a six week span, dumping his dissected victims in parking garages about the city. After Bruce went missing the killings stopped, but the case remains open. Kelly dropped out of med school that same year and enrolled in the police academy.

She’s been on the beat for about one year, and still has a bit of naivety about her. She looks up to her partner Officer Hewett, he’s become a surrogate father for her in many ways. That’s probably why she hasn’t questioned a lot of the little things about him. Either that or it’s because she’s sleeping with him, one or the other.

Kelly Durant

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