Richard Hewett


Richard Hewett carries himself in a cool and confident manner that comes with many years on the force. Richard’s a burly man, with a bit of a beer gut, and his hair has gone all gray over the years.


Richard always wanted to be a cop, he grew up watching all the 70’s cop shows on TV and he just knew that was what he wanted to do. Besides in school, he was the one everyone respected, or else. Not much has changed since then. Richard still throws his weight around, but now there’s considerably more that he has the badge to go with it.

Richard has amassed quite a few contacts on the streets, and he’s set up quite a nice system of kick-backs. His last partner Jim Schroder was in with him all the way, but now that he’s got Kelly Durant his new partner he’s had to be more circumspect about his activities. He’s been hoping he can bring her around, working in little things over ‘pillow talk’ but he’s afraid that she might be a bit too idealistic for her to accept his ‘questionable’ activities. And that’s a shame ‘cause his new car payment is too spendy to make on his salary alone, something might have to be done about that.

Richard Hewett

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