Red Devil Lounge

Red Devil Lounge

General Information

The Red Devil Lounge is an intimate live music venue, celebrating ten years of diverse events. With two levels of great seats and views directed towards our stage, we feature a top of the line sound system, and a great enviornment to discover a new band or see a legend in a special setting. Red lanterns, rich gold patterns, cozy seating and a friendly staff await you. We pride ourselves on pouring a damn generous drink, and delivering it in a music friendly, low attitude enviornment.

Where the Hell we're at

The Red Devil Lounge is convienently located at 1695 Polk St. at the corner of Polk and Clay in Sanfrancisco's Historic Russian Hill district.

What are the dress codes, age restrictions, & rules?

The Red Devil Lounge is a strictly 21 and up establishment. We dilligently card everyone who walks in the door. I'm serious, you can look 60, but if you don't have a valid US government issued drivers liscence or state identification card, we can't let you in. Expiered IDs, passports, library cards and gray hair don't help your case.

Now as for dress codes, we think those are for snotty places. You can come in here dressed however you like. Dress like a Goddamn Clown for all we care just keep your shirt and shoes on. It's like that scene from Fast Time at Richmond High, "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice." 

Here are a few fun reasons we will kick you out: If you are too drunk, if you are being rude to your fellow patrons or staff, if you harass the band, or are just generally being a jerk. Just treat it like your Mom's house, as long as you like your Mom. Oh, and if you tag or etch your name anywhere, we have camera's everywhere. We'll find you and tag your friggin' face and then call the cops.

I want more info!

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Red Devil Lounge

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